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Replacement Instructions for Toner Cartridge

These instructions detail the replacement procedures for a toner cartridge for the following GCC Laser Printers: PLP II, PLP IIs, BLP II, BLP IIs, BLP Elite, BLP Elite 8, BLP Eclipse 4, BLP Eclipse 8, BLP Eclipse Lite.
  1. Press the cover release button to open the top cover.
    Figure 1: Oki Printer
  2. Simultaneously pull the two blue toner latch tabs toward the front of the printer until the cartridge unlocks. (This action closes the bottom of the toner cartridge, so some resistance is expected.)
    Figure 2: Unlocked Position
  3. Lift the old toner cartridge out of the printer. To prevent spillage, place the toner cartridge in the plastic bag provided with your new toner cartridge replacement kit.

    Note: If you spill toner, wipe it off with a dampened cloth (cold water only) or use a vacuum.

  4. Take the new toner cartridge out of the box. Hold it horizontally and gently shake it from side to side to loosen the toner. Do NOT tilt the toner cartridge.
    Figure 3: Shake the toner
  5. Remove the blue tab from each end of the toner cartridge.
    Figure 4: Blue Tab
  6. Remove the tape from the bottom of the toner cartridge.
    Figure 5: Toner Cartridge Tape
  7. Position the toner cartridge parallel to the opening in the EP cartridge/magazine, with the arrow located on top of the toner cartridge pointing toward the back of the printer. Lower the toner cartridge into the opening in the EP cartridge so that the grooves on both ends of the toner cartridge slide over the tabs in the EP cartridge.
    Figure 6: Inserting Toner Cartridge
  8. Simultaneously push both blue toner latch tabs toward the back of the printer until they are flat. The toner latch tabs "click" into place. This action locks the toner cartridge into place and opens the slot at the bottom of the toner cartridge, so some resistance is to be expected.

    Warning: If you do not simultaneously rotate the blue toner latch tabs, you may break them off the EP cartridge. The EP cartridge cannot be repaired; therefore, it will have to be replaced.

    Figure 7: Locking Toner Cartridge

Replacing the Fuser Pad

A new fuser cleaner pad is included with your toner replacement kit. With the top cover open, follow the instructions below to install the new fuser cleaner pad.

WARNING: Be careful when removing the old fuser cleaner pad, it may be hot.

  1. Remove the old fuser claner pad by pushing the handle to the left to unlock it and lifting it up. Throw away the old fuser cleaner pad.
    Figure 8: Removing Fuser Cleaner
  2. Hold the new fuser cleaner pad by the handle and positon the left end underneath the black tab in the printer. The black tab is located on the left side of the fuser cleaner pad slot. Lower the handle into the slot and slide it to the right to lock the fuser cleaner pad into place.
    Figure 9: Inserting Fuser Cleaner

Cleaning the LED Strip (aka LED Array or LED Head)

  1. Using the alcohol wipe provided with your new toner cartridge replacement kit, gently drag the cloth back and forth across the LED strip. (To clean the LED Strip between toner cartridge replacements, use a damp lint-free cloth with isopropyl alcohol.)
    Figure 10: Clean LED Strip

Cleaning the Corona Wire (aka Charge Wire)

  1. The corona wire (or charge wire) is located in the EP cartridge. The blue cleaning tool is built into the EP cartridge and is located in the back right corner. (It is not necessary to remove the EP cartridge.) Gently slide the cleaning tool back and forth across the corona wire.
    Figure 11: Clean Corona Wire
Rev: 9/96
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